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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 18, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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four blocks away in walnut creek with a much different price. despite the difference, prices overall are going down rather than going out. now, the question is, will it last? >> is a question of, what are things going to turn around? >>catherine: every penny does matter.
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>> i am someone who drives around quite a bit, going around walnut creek head concord, especially the big car like mine, it is expensive. >>catherine: coming up at 6:00 p.m., a closer look at what consumers might be facing a leader during the summer, especially as more people take to the roads for vacation. oakland police have asked protesters to disperse but as of right now, and oakland school is still being occupied by protesters. they happen camping outside of lake view elementary for four days. it is one of the five schools targeted by closure to. j.r stone >>j.r: if out here this afternoon, he concede the 100 or so protesters who are on the steps of lake view
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elementary school. you can see one of the speakers in the distance, their demands are basic. they say they will leave one of five schools of a closed because of budget cuts are reopened for half of the superintendent resigned serious i do want to show some of my video, it has been busy with in the last hour. you can see some of the officers walking the halls. about one dozen officers showed up in the last hour or so. >> we welcome everyone. when we fill up here, we will take over another school. and that another. closing five schools in oakland is an acceptable. fat or demand for tony smith, the superintendent is to reopen the five schools or resigned.
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>>j.r: a large crowd of people rallied. maureen kelly spent the day out here and has additional confirmation. " quarries at a campus police officers posted flyers on the grounds where students, teachers and appear at a capitol offices friday night. one of the notices reads, you are directed to leave the school immediately. the activists say the tents are not coming down. >> we are here to do whatever it takes, until something changes. >>maureen: protesters have started a free summer school for kids. hear, a gardening blessed. some activists have entered the school building itself and have used at least one classroom but they say they did not break it. >> the door was open. nothing is damaged. we have been very responsible by keeping the state's -- by keeping the place safe, clean and tidy.
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>>maureen: the district said if they did not break in, this alarm would not be sounding off and this trespassing is an escalation of tactics that will force them into action. >> our buildings are compromised and that is not something we can might continue indefinitely. we have to see if we can come to some negotiated resolution. if not, we will have to take action sooner than later. >>maureen: the district has said if they have to be well thought physically remove the protesters. >>j.r: out here this afternoon, he concede that the rally is still going on. as of officers with the last hour to ask if there was a plan to remove some of the tents that have been set up on the other side of the fence. they would not rest on that either wait. >>catherine: some of the card testers and all of our veterans of occupy oakland, but they say if there are no
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plans for other occupiers to move into the school site. >> if there is a problem with police. who will not make a problem here at. >>catherine: the occupy protests as he spoke with today say they're only there to support an organized parents, teachers and students of. >>grant: and interstate student all -- an interstate shooting left one man dead. police say 26 year-old man was shot last night just before 11:00 p.m. while driving eastbound on interstate 580. it happened right near the fruitvale off ramp. the victim's brother was of a car but was not hurt. he was able to fly down police who also heard the gunshots. police say the blitz game for a person in another car on interstate can't at this point police have not determined a motive for the shooting.
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>>catherine: developments in the search for the driver and a deadly hit and run crash. the victim was traveling cross country with his dog when he was killed by a hit- and-run driver. the driver is still at large. friends put up a shrine along highway 1 in davenport. they used his actual bicycle. they say they want to call attention to what happened. over the weekend, the bicycle the vanished. rob fladeboe explains what happened. his mother returned to the scene, were determined never to find a hit and run driver. >>rob: as she visited the area of her son's death before returning home to massachusetts, the mother of the victims said the shrine was generating new leads in contributions towards a reward in the case. >> there were flowers from in the bushes.
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>>rob: the woman had found his body and rescued his dog said she is trying to find a more permanent spot for the memorial. >> i am not looking for any type of revenge. i would just like to have
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the information in closure on this. what happened to josh? >>rob: based on witness accounts, the chp is looking for a dodge ram pickup, 2002-2005. no color was given novel investigators suspect the vehicle will have significant damage to the right front fender. >>jaqueline: fog just along the bridge. temperatures are cooler, especially in the inland valleys. it's 78 degrees in livermore. 77 and concord. it is still pretty warm and pleasanton. along the coast, the fog has been an issue. the fog is expected to return overnight. here is you can expect.
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as we head into tomorrow, sunny skies into the afternoon, it temperatures will be much warmer in certain spots. we will take a look at temperatures throughout the rest of the week in your extended forecast coming up. >>catherine: today in the jury sandusky case, the prosecution called its final witness and the defense began making its case. shelby lynn takes us inside the courtroom. >>reporter: of the defense attorney for jerry sandusky of under cross-examination, one coach was asked if he had the boys in the shower and he replied he did not. >> if this is what we're having a previous as to the strength of the defense, i
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am not overwhelmed. i do not think it was a strong beginning. >>reporter: earlier in the day the defense attempted to have several of the charlock is -- several of the charges dropped. emotions were rejected by the judge. one charge was withdrawn by the prosecution. the prosecution rested on monday after nearly one week of graphic testimony from alleged victims. on cross-examination the defense tried to find inconsistencies in testimony in question the motivation fifth >> there is a lot of money out there. losses have already been filed against penn state is a the second mile and jerry sandusky atf if we are evaluating and investigating falsified mass of one of h.f. >>reporter: they're arguing that sandusky suffers from a personality disorder. the question remains whether he would take the stand in his own defense.
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>>catherine: alleged deception caught on tape. what a newly released recorded jailhouse phone call reveals zimmerman said to his wife and the treyvon martin case. roger clemens has been vindicated, his emotional reaction on the jury's decision in his perjury trial. a big win for a newcomer at the u.s. open, but a heckler got a lot of these curious >>grant: a long line of journalists are filtering into the studios in los angeles where microsoft is holding a big press conference this afternoon. they are making a major announcement. they're acting like apple on this one and have not revealed anything about this this one and have not revealed anything about this press conference other than this one and have not revealed anything about this experience thece other than pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing:
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working for all of a tan don't give him that kayla
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>>catherine: prosecutors have release phone conversations between in zimmerman and his wife shelley. zimmerman is suspected of killing treyvon martin in february. a judge released zimmerman on $150,000 on because he and his wife claimed they had little or no money however prosecutors say if the couple was lying in >> take out $10 and keep it would in cash.
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you have access to more than $10 cost >>mark: i do. >>catherine: it web site setup for zimmerman as defense raise money that he has access to. his wife has been charged for 3. zimmerman is back in custody and has another bond hearing set for next week. for a major-league pitcher roger clemens has been acquitted of all charges today. the jury believes that he did not lie when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. after the tryout clemens got
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emotional as he talked about the support he has been getting. >> all the media guys said the lead and follow my career, i've had a lot of hard work into this career creosot. i appreciate my teammates came and into the mills and phone calls. >>pam: today's verdict ended a very expensive five-year investigation. >>catherine: art experts try to save the picasa that was damaged last week in houston, you can see a man spray painting on the woman in a richer painting. police are trying to find that vandal. he claims to be an up-and- coming mexican-american artist in one its honor the work of picasso. the curator believes for painting can be saved
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because the street name was not dry when they began the repair work. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. sunny conditions through most of the bay area. look at this area right here on your screen, you can see the fog coming in to the golden gate bridge. the fog has been close to the coastline to be evident. this is a look outside of the golden gate. it remains cloudy. the fog is going to return into the overnight hours. we will have a repeat performance tomorrow for the coastline and be shores. taking a look at the inland valley temperatures, upper 80s and into the 90s by wednesday. as we head into thursday, a cool down is expected to tumble just dropping significantly in the inland valleys. here is a look at our satellite and radar picture. a sliver of fog along the coastline. this afternoon we are expecting a fall to redevelop near the coastlines to the overnight hours.
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that will mean the coastline and be schwartz will be in the '60s and '70s. the inland valleys, the north bay and the south they will be warmer tomorrow, much warmer in some spots, in the '80s and '90s. the inland valleys will be in the '90s in a few spots. temperatures are going to be up and down this week. down today, up tomorrow, up wednesday handed down again thursday and friday. we will stay fairly cool to the league during the inland valleys.
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>>catherine: it is the kickoff of pride week in san francisco. the city is hosting a special flag raising. dan kerman is joining us live from city hall. last >>dan: this is the 42nd annual gay and lesbian pride celebration. i want to show you some video, just a few minutes ago, san francisco mayor ed lee commemorated the kickoff. 76 countries, being gay is still a crime. the focus here is on decriminalizing being gay and giving greater access hiv prevention information and critically needed health services. this week is filled with events, here are a few that are taking place.
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>> we are live outside of city hall in civic center plaza where the pride celebration will take place. those were just some of the events taking place, in addition, the lesbian and gay film festival is also taking place in a variety of theaters. there is a lot to do to take part in san francisco pride. that is the latest, reporting live from city hall. more news after the break.
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>>catherine: the san mateo county coroner's office has confirmed the identity of a young girl drowned. police found her later in a lagoon not far from the family apartment. she was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are calling
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this a tragic accident. to bay area man are dead after a fishing boat accident that happened saturday, delta, 5 mi. outside of stockton. three men were on the bill when it capsized. skaw the three men from oakland were close friends and avid fisherman. stay with us, more news after the break. back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers
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>>catherine: a big announcement from microsoft. a big win at the u.s. open. we will take a look at that. the bay area
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announcer: the kron4 news starts now.
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>>catherine: they have unveiled a new tablet. this had better be pretty good. >>gabe: microsoft has taken a big bet on this. this is kicking technique is accurate it is exhausting what went down today. first of all, this is a tech of bed. the press conference happened at 4:00 p.m.. basically microsoft to the stage in and said, this is our tablet that will take on the ipad. for here is a video. >>gabe: the microsoft tablet is called the surface, it will run on windows 8 and comes off as built-in. it is a 60 x 9 screen and is a 10.6 in. thick. it is bigger than the ipad. the screen is filled of
5:32 pm
guerrilla glass. it is very thin, 9.3 mm. it features a full-size usb input. this surface is the first tablet with a built-in kickstand. that is interesting. the clip on cover for the tablet also doubles as a touch keyboard. this surface makes it very easy to prop up in the type on your tablet with the built-in kickstand and click on cover. the cover is available in different colors. a 30 to gigabyte and 64 gb will be available. >>catherine: it is suggesting. what else will have that the ipad does not? >>gabe: the press conference just wrapped up. i am still time to learn about the device. i will be back at 6:30 p.m. with more details. from what i can gather, they did not give a price or date said it is coming now, but this is a win is really likely release that marcus of to release lessee in october.
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information at 6:30 p.m.. >>catherine: you think it would be competitively priced. >> i would think would have to be the same price. the interesting things is distilled in kickstand. no other tablet on the market has that into the cover as a built-in touch keyboard. that cover is still only a couple millimeters thin. that is very interesting. >>catherine: it will do fine as we learn more. we will see you at 6:30 p.m.. facebook is paying $10 million to settle a lawsuit over advertisements that it called sponsored stories. this service allows companies to pay to send users activities to their friends pages and if a user clicks the like a button, it might show up at a sponsored story of a france page. some facebook users state of facebook using the images for commercial activity. the menlo park based company says no users could prove
5:34 pm
how they were hurt. >>catherine: in the u.s. government's admitted at 187 requests to remove content from july-december of last year, only the brazilian government submitted more or twice that. the u.s. found more than six to 200 requests from google for user information during the final six months of the year and a far more than any of the country. the oakland police announced a big bust including weapons and still and electronics. police say they were serving a search warrant at home on friday after getting information on stolen sulfa and inside the home, this is a part of what they found. they even found an assault rifle that can hold one of the bullets. they also found in an indoor marijuana grower operation. police say the suspects have
5:35 pm
a criminal history. >> this is the legal. additionally, we do not see magazines with this high capacity, this holds 100 rounds. we have seen them but it is for the rear. this was quite a significant find if to remove from the streets. the individual who was in possession of these firearms has a very lengthy criminal history. these are the types of people that we want to remove from our streets and from our community. >>catherine: police are going to check to make sure and see if the weapons are connected to any crimes, the identity of the suspect has not released. >>catherine: a dog died in a house fire in santa rosa after seeing its owner's life. people in the neighborhood called 911 to report a house on fire. inside the home, a dog will its sleeping owner and while the man was outside spring water on the house, the dog ran back inside in died.
5:36 pm
firefighters arrived to get the fire under control, there were no other injuries reported. many golfing fans have been run is a will to find out more about what simpson, the champion of the 112 u.s. open. she sings and rallied on the final day to shoot at to under 68 a and he went on to win. his first major golf title. his previous best finish in the major was a tie for 14th at last year's u.s. open. title lucas tied for the lead going into the weekend but that quickly changed after he shot a 75 in the third round. he has not won a major to be shipped in four years. golf fans crowded the olympic club today, specifically the u.s. open merchandise tent. 50 percent off on everything. they were happy about that. the fans are grabbing a lot of things including hats and clothing, umbrellas. one thing golf officials could not get rid of quickly enough, that strains looking heckler that pops up during
5:37 pm
the awards ceremony. grant lodes is here to talk about that. >>grant: it was very bizarre. here is the heckler. he was stealing the show during the trophy presentation as bob costas was interviewing the web at simpson. >> i got off to a slow start. [yelling] >> it is always something this size matters up. >> enjoy your jail cell. the hecklers name is entered the plea, he is the father of six from great britain.
5:38 pm
san francisco release contains >>jaqueline: it is a lot cooler everywhere right now with temperatures in the '60s and '70s for the shores and in the south bay area the fog is expected to return to the overnight hours. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, you can
5:39 pm
expect the fog followed by sunshine. >>catherine: two sisters and canada were found dead in a resort town in thailand. their bodies were found in their hotel room. police say they have been dead for about 12 hours. the women were in their 20s. investigators did not know how they died, but the case is similar to an american woman and a norwegian woman died of a similar circumstances on the same island in 2009. president obama and other world leaders are in mexico for the g-20 summit. he spoke with russian leaders about easing tensions between the two nations. obama and vladimir putin both agree that intervention in syria might be necessary to prevent civil war. the u.n. has suspended operations in syria. it is described as being in or on the brink of civil war. recent attempts to rescue civilians trapped in the
5:40 pm
violence have a field. dozens of tanks are continually rolling in. today, dozens of people were killed when government forces shelled another city. here is a quick look at traffic. on the bay bridge toll plaza, a beautiful afternoon. traffic is flowing just fine. we're also looking at walnut creek, 680 near the 24 interchange, traffic is moving well. stay with us. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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thoughtful fog
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>>catherine: the nasdaq was up 23 and as of the close of two. . ron black is here with us, a sideways market because of spain? >>rob: stained tenure no gay man and climbed 7%. typically, italy, ireland, greece, they all have problems of financing debt
5:44 pm
at 7%. that is bad. that means the company will be looking for a bailout soon. on the other hand, greece went to the election polls and we got what we did not want. we wanted the socialists to win in large part, that might have stopped kicking the can down the road. there are some hints that it will come up with a guarantee on fdic tech of insurance for banks. tech companies degree today. >>catherine: let's talk about a winner, apple. the most profitable company, ever. >>rob: by the end of this year they will be the most profitable company ever by numbers. analysts came out today and called it an $1,111 stock. get that? call it is double today's stock price.
5:45 pm
>> worldwide shipments have increased. they have 62 percent of their market and growing market share. >>catherine: this brings us into the microsoft tablet. >>rob: one thing i noted, it has can support. will become like this soon or the x box? this then was a disaster, x box is a wonderful design.
5:46 pm
h-p and dell got sand kicked in their face today. the whole idea here is, this is marcus of making a big bet. they have a cash flow to lose, but this will hurt apple a little bit. maybe it will legitimize the telemarketing little bit. microsoft is going from 0 market share to something. >>catherine: so it is something over nothing? facebook buys >>rob: it is face recognition. this is more by using facebook on the phone.
5:47 pm
they're keeping the technology out of the hands of others. >>catherine: thanks. see you tomorrow. >>jaqueline: here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. mostly sunny skies through the bay area is " interesting to the fog serious we will see cooler temperatures to the overnight hours and into tomorrow afternoon. it will be much warmer in certain spots, mainly in the north bay into the south bay. this week, a temperatures will be up and down. warmer through wednesday and cooler as we head into the weekend. geary here let's take a look at temperatures bay area wide. widespread 60s, that is the green on the screen. will climb quickly into the 80s and a number of places. by noon, '80s in napa, fairfield, concord and livermore.
5:48 pm
in the later afternoon hours, mainly staying in the '80s. if united degree readings possible in places like antioch. closer to the coastline, temperatures in the '60s. a wide variation in temperatures, microclimates in effect. in the south bay we will see temperatures in the '80s. >>jaqueline: '90s only a couple of places to market in. it will be significantly warmer in the north bay. 10 degrees or more warming expected. here is a look at your extended forecast, temperatures up and down through the week. there were doubts today and will be up tomorrow and up wednesday, down again thursday and friday. into the weekend temperatures will be running
5:49 pm
below average for this time of year with 70's in the inland valleys and '60s at the coastline and bay shores. we will be back after this.
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>>catherine: a key witnesses but trouble for ross mirkirimi. this comes days before opening arguments in the misconduct hearing that could cause of his job. madison is a neighbor who alerted police about the alleged domestic violence. she has submitted evidence that contradicts the description are preforming gave about the bruising of his wife's arm. the board of supervisors will decide whether mirkirimi should be reinstated or not his job. mayor ed lee charged mirkirimi with official misconduct and suspended him without pay back in march. stay with us, we will be right back.
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>>catherine: a fight to keep an east bay schools from closing, and as parents in danger of being arrested.
5:56 pm
we will take you to the campus where the parents are trying to save a school. where this fire has hundreds of people worried about the safety of their homes and prices at the pump as the fourth of july holiday approaches, we will look at how expensive gas is expected to get. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the roof camera. downtown san francisco, said these guys that the fog is expected to return overnight. warmer temperatures tomorrow. details coming up after the break. befor
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
in we're asking why they are
5:59 pm
risking arrest. >>pam: the parents are is staging a sit-in for the fourth day. to close this school. protesters want them to stay open him >>j.r.: within the last hour or so, the hour or so the rally has wrapped up in irian de iris. they are holding signs that say save our schools. you can see of the signs on the fences. then one of the schools and is scheduled to close this summer kept open him. when that rally last started
6:00 pm
about 4:00 and lasted about what our hidden some >> there were people in the occupied group and people the were upset over the school's closing. they want all the schools open more than what the superintended over the school districts to resign. if this does not happen they will stay here as long as they can trim been. police showed up this afternoon to make sure that things are ok inside the school. they set out -- they shut off the fire alarm that was set up earlier in the day. >> some people may pit -- were rallying all day in the
6:01 pm
streets. we are going to keep a close eye on this. i spoke to officers earlier this afternoon. i ask them if the plan was to move the protesters out of the area they would not respond to my question. let me panic to the school. i'm going to pan up to the school. they are only letting certain people inside the schools some. that will be read the situation and at oakland accepting change will let you know >>pam: teaches students and parents have been sleeping and is the sense. -- tense. we are here and tell
6:02 pm
something changes. we what family is and all tax payers and to stand up. we want them to tell our country that these buildings are going to be used to teach children not foreign ministers. these buildings belong to us. stand up and take back our public education system in this nation. >>pam: this is like a year elementary. it is planned to be converted into office space. >> there are four other elementary schools that will already -- but also going to be shut down. santa fe, a lake year, the maxwell, of marshall
6:03 pm
>>pam: then let the teachers -- and these people a meeting with the district and said that they want that district to be more prepared whether school. they say that the teacher/student's ratio is too low. they say that the academic standards are too low and more target schools need to be created. >> war that half of march at schools went to have more
6:04 pm
schools and shops in is that out of the state's and get an education. that out of the streets and get an education. in san has day, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >>pam: spam mind -- and you can check on line of on or about this story. suspended for a prank, at they chained a sheet to the school grounds. the judge's general on how officials handled all of this. they're gonna look at whether there was a first amendment violations. >> @ command -- the moral
6:05 pm
of the man was killed on that car accident on a bicycle was fannies of the weekend. his mother discovered that the moral was missing but he came to bring flowers. see that the caltrain -- caltrans remove that for safety reasons. she is pleading for the driver compartment. >> in this be marked a year to know the fact you killed somebody cared the best thing is to come forward. i would just like to have the affirmation in closure on this. maybe their respect for her nose. i don't know what is possibly the i do not know
6:06 pm
why someone would leave the scene after hitting somebody on a bicycle. >>pam: police are looking for any possible evidence in the case. the strongest lobby was a witness. said said that eight to thought it was a dodge ram pickup someplace around 2002. >> this man was charged with sexually of molesting two young girls and a mentally challenged 18 year old girl. he is charged with realities. is on $5,000 bail. the base is 53 years to life in prison. >>pam: the latest figures
6:07 pm
show that the state average and gas is below $4 per gallon. just four months ago pelf fiat or had the highest prices in the country. is try to discover what's next. >> @ is trying to find out what's next. aaa again other analysts are saying that things could be a little bit. we are now in the summer travel months. but prices tend to go up in this period of time. but right now we're not seeing that the that is the big question mark. >>pam: we're glad they're
6:08 pm
getting the breakup price is no matter how long this last. the inland valley mn >> it is quite cool out that thanks to the fog. debitors only got to 39 in santa does go -- in san francisco. debitors only got to 59 in san francisco's. the fog as opposed to reform overnight. tamara afternoon we are expected son sought sunshine and warmer in spots. i will show you how warm and is going to get it and we can look at your an extended forecast coming up in just a
6:09 pm
bit. >>pam: the fire is forcing it from their homes. the gave ride -- >> act the gay pride flag is being raised. >> microsoft has a new tablet.
6:10 pm
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
does a large fire at s. more than 800 a. in the last 24 hours dozens of people have been evacuated. fire fighters as saying that it could be completely contained overnight. 200 and evacuated residents are waiting to see what happens to their homes. more homes are in danger of this fire. >> that live look outside drive mack came mt. tam cam. this is what are of dog right now. it is being pushed back to their shores. it is 54 degrees in half moon bay. 60 degrees and oakland.
6:13 pm
is 60 degrees and a leg up. it upper 60s and low 70's. paris which are to expect out the door to more apparent coastal fog and bay fog. in the afternoon of the sunshine and warmer. at the fog is expected to return to the coastline to more evening. paris reggie can expect to buy spare bricks to expect wides bread '60s out the door. by 12:00 noon your to expect the '60s along the coastline and '70s in the that '80s widespread. the ramp for caucus will see eighties and if you nineties return to the area.
6:14 pm
>> 82 in san jose we was the condition back to the '90s. 90 and walnut creek. 92 in pleasanton. 89 livermore. east bay shores will be in the '70s to mark. and a lot because i will see the '60s. santa rosa will be 84 degrees napa will be 82. paris the 7 day around the bay forecast. wednesday's vote -- wednesday will be the warmest day thirsted friday things start to cool back down. dog returns. it was a reasonably cool
6:15 pm
temperatures the will last through the weekend. >>pam: the fence is a cliche presenting its case in the child molester sandusky. and said that sandusky its reputation in the committee was. her son often came home with the underwear. this is where the mothers of one of the victims. closing arguments could begin as early as wednesday. >> george zimmerman have been released. they have proved that they lied about the money during a bail hearing. the judge could post is by and they arrested his white
6:16 pm
on jury -- perjury charges. >> this fire is port collins and colorado care they only have that at about 45 percent contained. there is a band of charcoal grilling and fireworks. >> the mayor helped pick up the celebration of pride week. >> the pratt surrounded by pride grand marshals and members of the community, the governor unfurled in the rainbow flag. this symbolizes the gray -- gay pride celebration. the spot lied is put on 76
6:17 pm
countries that say being gay or lesbian is a crime. there will be a pride parades parade on sunday. also friday it will be a lesbian gay ban and a lesbian course as it does go out will perform at best evidence is the conservatory of music. on saturday, and from 12 noon to 6:00 p.m. there will be 300 exhibitors and more than 20 stages. there were be march rally in the morris park in march to
6:18 pm
castro district. as of sunday the pride parade pit stops at 10:30 a.m.. market street. oscillate the pride celebration continues from 11 to 630. they're planning more events taking place this week. this is just some of them. that still impassable is taking place at the caster theater. that film festival is taking place at the castro theater. ♪
6:19 pm
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>>pam: president obama and mexico for the g-20 some time that ran said. there's some news about how the president is handling the issue. >> u.s. officials as
6:22 pm
telling san and and that russian ships could be headed to syria and. obama's sat down with the fat vladimir putin since his election. >> a political process has to be creative. >> a new start treaty and is some agreement on how to handle in a rock here runs ambitions. >> we have been working >> at senator john mccain
6:23 pm
on the armed services committee reached out at the press ever recusing to budge. i do not pretend to be able to benefit in to present to tends mind but that isn't. this is the last outport imposed on the mediterranean. when >> and mexico president congratulated mr. obama's decision to let some immigrants to the temperatures than the u.s.. >> is just in is a humanitarian action. >>pam: mexicans areas ore to
6:24 pm
join u.s. and other countries as an economic agreement to boost trade. >> [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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>>pam: microsoft is hoping that its new tap let will take it to the next level. >> there is from the man is shot this video. a vandal was caught on camera. will be right back.
6:28 pm
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>> gabe slate has been looking at pit microsoft competition for the ipad. >>kate: >>kate: >>gabe slate: microsoft has
6:30 pm
finally unveiled their on a tablet. now microsoft officially as a tablet. they have windows no. 8. it is expected this october. it accused microsoft windows allot in your personal life that this might be the tablet for you. it is a 60 in. by 9 in. screen. the glass is nice and strong. it features a couple site. this surplus has to be different than the ipad to compete with. it is the first pat tablet with a built into the van. it also has a club on the upper which doubles as a touch keyboard.
6:31 pm
backlit on the cover the board comes in different colors. this can be handy when typing documents. with expand and the club on the cover it is very easy to tie up that -- prop up the tablet it said it will be priced competitively with the leading tap was on the market. they did not have a release date. it gabe slate kron 4 news >> and oakland about 100 people gathered around lake view elementary school on monday. the message was clear. it was people like you elegies school open. it is a group of about a dozen people that have put up tents and plan on occupying the school property.
6:32 pm
this the the the schools open and or the superintendent resigned. >> the parent teachers and students at say that there is staying. the district is calling get a tactic. the reason and ratified this morning-in the prospectus for their violation of the law. maureen kelly, a kron 4 news. >> l of rock schools system as of that with the way the school is educating their. the latino students are not getting enough time in the classroom. more chartered schools
6:33 pm
should be created. and san san jose. >> @ the mother put flowers on the spot that her 39 year-old son was killed. putnam as a surprise that caltrain has removed this drive with their sons by. steve's said the strike helped in generate interest the near davenport, rob flaeboe, kron 4 news. it >> the latest figures show that the statewide average of a gallon of get gasoline dropped below $4. but we do not know whether this point to a hold or whether we will decline. normally this time years
6:34 pm
when prices go up. motorists tell kron 4 news that they're happy to get a break for however long it lasts. >> in san jose bailey on charges he molested two young girls and ripped a 80 year-old mentally challenged girl. they're worried that there might be more victims. there and really could beat cancer 15 years to life in prison. >> the mayor unfurls a the flag to sell it bright gay pride. the focus is on global ecology.
6:35 pm
they're focusing on this country that were being lesbian or gay is a crime. . stanley roberts 2000 people be a been badly. bus stops at the river crossing and weight. watch as this bus approaches to the tracks and barely comes to i spent the day watching bus drivers and their rail safety. coming up tonight at 8:00 p.m. if you think ac transit is bad you ain't seen and not been yet. stanley roberts, an 80 badly. at >>pam: a >>
6:36 pm
>>jaqueline: at the fog is moving back in. addictiveness them cooler temperatures. it was only 77 up in fairfield. are we are going to war back up. 82 in san jose. and to bar after and it will be 91 antioch. 87 and pittsburg 87 fairfield the be warmer he did take a look at extended forecasts. it was seen warmer conditions to marais wednesday. and it all returned to be cooler with the fog returning for the rest of
6:37 pm
the work week. stay tuned for more.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>>pam: the video had the weather last wednesday. two people walked up to hit a pop low because so pain and spray painted a picture of a bowl. >> i was taxing someone on my belt and i saw him do this. italy took on second and spray-painted and walked off. demand of him out of the
6:41 pm
museum and asked him why he would do this. he said he was a mexican- american man that was trying to honor picasso's work it >> the call the museum ourselves to this is a practical joker with this guy really did do this kid. insiders say this when we walk bent to check that out ourselves the painting that was once on the wall is the lebron display. i think this is an added fee should be prosecuted. >>pam: no charges have been filed in that case. >> there is a bear next hotel. wildlife officials treacle is the bear to get him down.
6:42 pm
bare ms. a net when he fell down. the midst of a net when he fell. the there is ok. >> bittersweet. rb lebed -- our be lebed vernon is leaving after 24 years. >> against what work on
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
the 49 broadcasted to get to go on the road with the raiders. burning land. vernon land. the thing i admire most about you kron started this. that you can have a cameraman this is a nice way of saying the business took
6:47 pm
on a they burn them out and let them go style. they're not -- and west of the big star. but he never complained. you were the big star. i did a couple of allies shots with the giants. >> and it is not for everyone. ] >>gary: to be easy to to say pay look what happened to a barn and the debts of iron.
6:48 pm
we wear out at the lab club. at end we get a sentimental text front end. we wear have a good time. ] >>gary: the is so good at mr. bob meant -- of mr. and involvement. he was brought blow to toronto. >> we took all this to different cities. this is an early bird and. >> @ heartbreak get as 60
6:49 pm
excitement. i can stand it for md the next five minutes. >> this l s. as well as. pierre n. elvis let's be honest. now sports and news that news as investor in a situation >> you had time to do things that you can never do today. if asked me, mr.
6:50 pm
involvement, and will always remember, above and the jumping. >> jezebel -- gas let go. i can remember people saying it " are you crazy? it >> 9095 bull riding champion. at 1995. there as the bill. the bulls name was a body bag.
6:51 pm
they wanted me to stay up for eight seconds but i did not make it then at here is the driving a vehicle. >> i will get online anything. were you ever injured doing this stuff? >> gas. i broke a bone in my elbow and it caused me a tryout for the american gladiators next week. >> @ i was born with these kind of games.
6:52 pm
and did kia ever see this? -- ken di ever is the this. we have a laundry list of stories. we had fun with it. there is we is getting news room to eat. >> a call to. i was a clear is as big shot mtv. -- they said this is his big shot 70 ft..
6:53 pm
>> this is some hard as i have ever been hit in my life. clearly as it is as a ballplayer. then at pieces cheaply >> you are somebody when you do with this guy does. will be back in a moment.
6:54 pm
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are in plan >> a will be right back.
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6:59 pm
john edwards' mistress breaks her silence before her explosive tell-all. i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. >> mistress and mother of his 4-year-old daughter is telling her side. >> about her relationship with john edwards. >> did you go up to john edwards, say, "you are hot" and put the moves on him? >> rielle hunter's first sitdown after edwards' acquittal. their love child today. >> elizabeth. how did she find out? >> calling his late wife elizabeth a witch on wheels. the just released details, inside her bombshell book. >> you do crazy things when you're in love. >> then, rodney king drowning. his last interview with the fiance who found him dead. >> would really like to meet you. i was like, why? >> i just wanted to say hi. >> you interviewed his fiance and rodney. did they seem happy? >> inside claims she's lying about the swimming pool


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